Hermes produces API’s and Intermediates under cGMP conditions from its sprawling 14 acre facility in Ramlingampally, Hyderabad. The facility is inspected by the Telangana drug control administration and is state of the art built to global standards.

Features :

  • Fully equipped manufacturing block with class 100,000 areas
  • 30 SS/GL reactors ranging from 500 liters to 5000 liters
  • Dedicated Hydrogentation block with working pressure capabilities of 20 bar, corrosive block and distillation block for vacuum until .01mm
  • Equipped with services such as 2000/kg hr boiler, Thermic Fluid Systems for temperatures upto 2750C , 80 TR brine chilling units, Cooling Towers, compressed air lines & air generator, hot water lines etc.
  • RO systems for purified water
  • Integrated well equipped quality control labs
  • Stability chambers for studying long term and accelerated stability studies for all zones
  • Equipped with dryers, Vacuum Tray dryers, Millers, Sifters, Blenders etc for finishing of products
  • Equipped with Standby power generators incase of power failures
  • Spacious warehouses for the storage of reagents, solvents in drums, engineering goods, acids, finished goods etc.
  • Solvent tank yard

Reaction capabilities :

    • Alkylations
    • Condensations
    • Cross Coupling Reactions such as Heck Coupling, Negishi Coupling, Suzuki Coupling Gomberg- Bachmann coupling etc.
    • Cyanation
    • Cyclizations
    • Esterifications
    • Grignard Reactions
    • Halide Exchange
    • Halogentation (Bromination, Chlorination)
    • Hoffman Reactions
    • Mannich Reactions
    • Nucleophilic Substitution
    • Reactions with N.Butyl Lithium, Dibal, Lithium Aluminum Hydride, Triphosgene, Cyanides etc.
    • Reductions (Hydrogenations & Asymmetric)
    • Resolutions & Racemizations
    • Organometallic Reactions
    • Oxidations with Kmno4 etc

and various other reactions


Authority Abbreviation Country Certificate
Food and Drug Administration, Telangana State FDA India GMP
International Organization for Standardization ISO International ISO 9001:2008
International Organization for Standardization ISO International ISO 14001:2004
Occupation Health and Safety Assessment Series OHSAS International OHSAS 18001
World Health Organization (expected in 2016) WHO International GMP
Written Confirmation for EU (expected in 2016) CDSCO India EU WC
Ministry of Health, Iran (expected in 2016) MOH Iran MOH